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Service tenet

Tangneng new energy series products, advanced technology, stable quality, in line with a number of national standards. In order to make you feel at ease in using the products, our company insists on the promise of quality and credibility: if there are quality problems in the correct installation and use of our products, our company will fulfill its consistent commitment to implement three quality packages, i.e. warranty, refund and replacement.
Pre-sale service:
1. Our company can provide customers with the most perfect product introduction and selection information.
2. Professionals provide design and consulting services to recommend products that are most suitable for the actual needs of customers.
In-sales service:
1. Provide comprehensive technical support for users, cooperate with user selection, and provide the most economical and reasonable scheme.
2. Provide free training for users, guide installation and maintenance methods, and determine the best solution.
3. We guarantee timely delivery according to the delivery date stipulated in the contract.
After-sale service:
1. Quality warranty period: During the warranty period, users will enjoy free service, life-long paid service and long-term supply of accessories.
2. If customers have any problems in using our products, we will provide you with the following after-sales service:
2-hour rapid response mechanism
When users encounter any problems in using our products, they can call our after-sales service department. We will give prompt response within 2 hours after receiving the notification from users to provide users with emergency solutions.
24 hours to make the product run normally
If we can not solve the problem for users in the 2-hour response mechanism, we can quickly provide the relevant damaged parts for users, and send them to the demander through cooperative express company. We can arrive at the demander's site within 24 hours to solve the problem for users.
48 hours on-site service
If we encounter problems that can not be solved by the first two schemes, we will quickly arrange for technicians to come to our home within 48 hours, "do not solve the problem, do not stop repairing", until it is solved for users.
72 Hours Exchange Processing
In case of major quality problems, we will unconditionally send the same type of products to the user site within one day after receiving the customer's notification.
After-sales service out of warranty period
If the products of Hanbang are damaged or fail to work properly due to improper use by users or outside the warranty period, our company will also provide maintenance services for the products, charging only the cost of replacement parts. And provide free technical training, so that customers can better use the product.
Product Tracking and Feedback
We will set up customer files for the products and implement one machine one file management scheme. Customer Service Department will track the use of products regularly to ensure the normal operation of equipment.
We promise to answer or solve the questions raised by our customers when using our products within 6 hours.